Greater Cambridge Housing Trajectory and Five Year Housing Land Supply - Main Document

Representation ID: 168564

Received: 14/10/2019

Respondent: Bidwells

Representation Summary:

PPG states that clear evidence to demonstrate deliverability may include build-out rates. Build-out rates are affected by several factors:
* housing market
* supply market, including materials and labour
* site specific infrastructure
* affordable housing
* type of housing

Where a housebuilder is known for a site, their average market housing sales rate per outlet should be applied, sourced from their annual financial reports. Where the housebuilder is not known, an average sales rate should be applied. These average-sales rates hide significant fluctuations. These rates do not include affordable housing and therefore the relevant requirement should be added to the sales rates.

The total number of outlets is dependent on the overall size of the development and the saturation of the local housing market. These are averages across the entire build, which is likely to see fluctuations with lower rates at the start and end. On average a site needs a capacity of at least 600 dwellings before a second outlet can be supported.