Greater Cambridge Housing Trajectory and Five Year Housing Land Supply - Main Document

Representation ID: 168507

Received: 14/10/2019

Respondent: Laragh House Developments Limited

Agent: Carter Jonas

Representation Summary:

NIAB Main (Darwin Green)

In the absence of any evidence being presented by the Councils' it is not considered that the 317 dwellings with outline planning permission, and without a reserved matters submitted, will be completed on site within the five year period. These should therefore be removed from the trajectory. The housebuilder has identified market conditions, discharging conditions and delays in the planning application process as the constraints, market factors or cost factors that could delay the delivery of the development. These risks highlight that the more cautious approach set out above is justified. Adjustments should also be made to the trajectory to reflect actual delivery rates that have been achieved on this site over the past four years.

Full text:

The information contained within the uploaded Housing Land Supply Assessment makes clear that the Councils', whether considered separately or jointly, are not able to demonstrate a five year housing land supply of deliverable sites in accordance with the requirements of the NPPF.