Greater Cambridge Housing Trajectory and Five Year Housing Land Supply - Main Document

Representation ID: 168453

Received: 14/10/2019

Respondent: Pigeon Land Ltd

Agent: Savills

Representation Summary:

Generally, the methodology used to calculate the five year housing requirement is in accordance with the conclusions reached during the Examination of the Local Plans. It should be noted that if housing supply had remained to be calculated on an individual basis, the document would demonstrate a 5YHLS of approximately 4.3 years in Cambridge and 5.4 years in South Cambridgeshire.

The figures in Table 4 in respect of Cambridge would be incorrect if read alone, as they take into account the over-supply up to 31 March 2019 when calculating the five-year requirement.

If the Sedgefield method were to be applied the 5YHLS would be approximately 4.3 (4.26) years in Cambridge and 4.5 (4.53) years in South Cambridgeshire, or approximately 5.1 (5.06) years in Greater Cambridge.