Greater Cambridge Housing Trajectory and Five Year Housing Land Supply - Main Document

Representation ID: 168400

Received: 14/10/2019

Respondent: Linton Parish Council

Representation Summary:

Land north and south of Bartlow Road, Linton

It is neither justifiable nor reasonable to include this site in the trajectory as this was not allocated, is outside the village envelope and is not included in the current Local Plan.

The OL has now lapsed, an RM application has been refused and the second RM is not addressing the issues for refusal. The OL was granted following inaccurate information on the status of the floodplain and the extent of flooding at the site. Local objections, the effect on the landscape and loss of heritage assets were not properly considered. The officer assessment did not demonstrate any wider sustainability benefits to this community. The objections to this site are particularly strong so the applications should be refused.

Linton has provided around 50 dwellings not expected in the LP and within the village boundary. These provide sustainable windfall housing that should reasonably count towards the trajectory without the need to include the disputed development sites.