Draft Bourn Airfield Supplementary Planning Document - June 2019

Representation ID: 168358

Received: 26/08/2019

Respondent: Mr Stephen Jones

Representation Summary:


Access to Broadway has been sensitive and contentious for decades. Factor in 1992 decision by Secretary of State to build Cambourne and not Bourn Airfield.

'Compromise' solution is to ensure northbound only access for vehicles entering and leaving site.

Very anxious to see layout of 'Northbound only' junction so that we can make our own independent assessment of its likely effectiveness. Urge inclusion of final design drawings of this junction in Planning Application is made mandatory.

Very concerned about caveat: (subject to availability of the party land). Strongly suggest land needed to deliver a northbound only junction is secured before planning permission is granted.

Would like more information and detail on 'Enhancement to the existing junction of St Neots Road and the Broadway.' What is proposed? If decision were to build roundabout that would completely nullify the effectiveness of northbound only junction. Detailed engineering plans for existing junction of St Neots Road and the Broadway must be included in planning application.

SPD also specifies A new junction on the Broadway which allows the HQPT and pedestrian / cycle. Bourn Parish Council would like assurances and/or guarantees that this HQPT, pedestrian and cycle access would be kept free of private motor vehicles in perpetuity.