Draft Bourn Airfield Supplementary Planning Document - June 2019

Representation ID: 168356

Received: 26/08/2019

Respondent: Mr Stephen Jones

Representation Summary:


Concerned at proposed use of Childerley roundabout and Bourn Broadway as main site access points. Clear that local roads will be severely affected. Rat-running through Bourn, Knapwell, Caldecote, Hardwick, Toft, Comberton, Barton, Knapwell, Elsworth, Boxworth and Dry Drayton, already a serious issue will be exacerbated.

Would like to see robust assessment of viability of junction directly onto A428. Department of Transport's circular, paragraph 39 states, 'where appropriate, proposals for the creation of new junctions, or direct means of access, may be identified and developed at the Plan-making stage in circumstances where it can be established that such new infrastructure is essential for the delivery of strategic planned growth.'

3500 houses surely fits criterion for strategic planned growth. Direct means of access is essential for delivery.

Countless examples where junctions are spaced closely together (Appendix 2). Argument for refusing to consider junction due to 'spacing issues' does not hold weight and needs to be examined and debated.

Question needs to be asked: who should have made strategic case and what steps did SCDC take to develop or assess case? No opportunity for debate, or consultation on case, despite widespread community support for idea. 'Behind closed doors' decision flies in face of localism and openness claims made by current administration.