Draft Bourn Airfield Supplementary Planning Document - June 2019

Representation ID: 168354

Received: 26/08/2019

Respondent: Mr Stephen Jones

Representation Summary:


Seriously concerned about traffic generated by Development (BAD).

Cambourne provides a good model to use in assessing likely impact of BAD on local traffic flows. Coalition of Parish Councils survey conducted in Autumn of 2014, (4,250 houses in Cambourne), found 3,280 cars left Cambourne via A428 roundabout in morning peak (7.15 and 9.15). 3,500 houses can be expected to generate 2,695 car journeys. Even if unprecedented modal shift from 10% to 30% of commuters travelling to work by bus, 2,142 cars would still leave site.

In addition, Planning Application submitted for former Gestamp factory site seeks mixed use B1 and B8 commercial properties on 25,000sqm. Prospect of an employment site with provision of 1 car parking space per 30sqm. Illustrative Site Layout Plan (S/1031/19/OL) indicates approximately 600 car parking spaces. http://plan.scambs.gov.uk/swiftlg/MediaTemp/1155978-867858.pdf. Could reach 800 car parking spaces.

Local Plan inspectors were keen to see comprehensive approach to planning.: 'We agree that the inclusion of an existing employment site in the Major Development Site will allow for a comprehensive approach to development of the new settlement" .

So far, there has been no appreciable co-operation between sponsors of two developments earmarked for Bourn Airfield.

600-800 cars would come and go each morning and evening. Where is comprehensive approach to assess traffic movement for both planning applications?