Draft Bourn Airfield Supplementary Planning Document - June 2019

Representation ID: 168215

Received: 28/07/2019

Respondent: Hardwick Parish Council

Representation Summary:


It is disappointing to note that the SPD endorses much of the outline application with particular regard to the transport infrastructure, and seems to have disregarded recommendations from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee again on transport provision.

Hardwick Parish Council held a Village meeting last week attended by about 60 residents, and again the main topic of debate was the transport infrastructure, and particularly the provision of an all ways junction onto the A428 from the Bourn Airfield development.

The traffic movement figures provided seem to considerably under estimate the traffic movements, when compared to other surveys carried out for other developments in the area. A no left turn at the Broadway exit/entrance, and two lanes for a short distance at the Caldecote roundabout for traffic from the east, is a poor solution for a settlement of around 3500 houses.

A proper access to the settlement needs to happen before building commences, mitigation of the problem after this is too late. If the Broadway is kept as a country road by preventing traffic from the settlement turning left, then why is it the St Neots Road is not classified the same. It surely can't be too late for SCDC planners to lobby Highways England for a junction onto the A428, as it seems from the SPD that HE have not closed the door for any further discussions.

At a meeting with Hardwick Parish Council, the developers admitted that providing a junction onto the A428 would mean less facilities on the settlement, should this be at the surrounding villages expense and quality of life or their bottom line?