Draft Bourn Airfield Supplementary Planning Document - June 2019

Representation ID: 168164

Received: 29/07/2019

Respondent: Aitchison Developments Ltd. on behalf of Savills Investment Management

Agent: Neame Sutton Ltd

Representation Summary:


The relationship with existing employment site is recognised as a key issue (point 5 on page 5) and requires the new village to ensure the employment site is integrated, including any redevelopment proposals. This is supported.

Redevelopment provides important employment opportunities to meet the needs of new village, district's requirement and support local economy.

Vitally important site can be successfully developed independently of wider strategic site.

Section 1.5: Planning Consent for Development (page 6), states the Council will not determine the planning application until the SPD has been adopted.

Fully appreciate the need to progress an SPD to guide the future development of the new village. Progress should not impede redevelopment. SPD adoption in Autumn 2019. Unlikely to represent an issue in delivery of the proposal provided no delays which delay the decision making process. Particularly where redevelopment complies with principles of emerging SPD.