Draft Bourn Airfield Supplementary Planning Document - June 2019

Representation ID: 168078

Received: 25/07/2019

Respondent: Josie Maisey

Representation Summary:


The new development has been planned with little opportunity for local employment for the residents, so most will need to travel to north Cambridge technology site, Addenbrookes site, Cambridge or to the M11 for employment towards London. The majority of these will only be accessible by car and road and there is little new provision to enable access to these. This will mean that the already over used roads of the surrounding villages will be put under excessive pressure affecting the environment and ecology of these villages in a detrimental way. A new interchange on the A428 for the new development is much needed to stop these adverse effects to local communities and to enable efficient traffic movement for the new development residents. In addition other major routes have interchanges that are very close together so marginal space for an interchange is not a valid objection.