Draft Bourn Airfield Supplementary Planning Document - June 2019

Representation ID: 168040

Received: 24/07/2019

Respondent: Mr Peter Deer

Representation Summary:

Proposals to improve public transport along the A428 largely ignore the impact on and needs of local villages. Does it make sense to push ahead with building houses on such a large scale until infrastructure issues are resolved and infrastructure promised by developers is in place.

No strategic case for direct access to the A428 from the new village - in the absence of such access, traffic will flow along ST Neots Road from the new village towards Cambridge/M11. Insufficient thought given to egress from the new village for traffic joining the A1198.

Growth of the housing agglomeration between West Cambourne and Highfield Caldecote provides the rationale for a station to serve it if the northern route for the Bedford Cambridge rail link goes ahead. To best serve communities, this should be south of A428; any location north of A428 rekindles interest in 'Habourne' and encourages traffic from a wider area to rat run through local villages.