Draft Bourn Airfield Supplementary Planning Document - June 2019

Representation ID: 167930

Received: 16/07/2019

Respondent: Mr Timothy Lawson

Representation Summary:


1. Put Park & Ride where the people to use the facility live not "a long way down the road"
2. Don't allow ANY access onto The Broadway -- there is no need.

Full text:

1. There will be around 8,000 dwellings in this area when BAD and all parts of Cambourne are complete -- To have no Park & Ride facility within or immediately adjacent to this number of people is disgraceful and talk of putting such a facility up at Scotland farm -- about 2 miles or more east of the need is completely mad -- a site has been offered right next to the main roundabout into Cambourne - why on earth is it not being preferred to that miles away to which people will not travel and then get out of their own transport.
2. SCDC's own "Overview Committee" on 21st May 2019 had severe reservations about the proposed access/exit from BAD at the west and asked that this be looked into in much greater detail.
-- Mr S Kelly's reasons for not considering this further [National Policy (exactly what policies?) -- GCP proposals for public transport (how will they ease/stop the use of cars to and from the west of this site?) -- SCDC's aspirations for a low carbon future!! All very gebneral and not specific to a very real issue/oproblem likely to greatly affect the village of Bourn.
-- I attended the consultation session in Bourn Community Hall and was told by Mr Stuart Morris that there is no detail available to show to anyone relating to this access/exit point. Why not if it is a matter that the SCDC Councillors have said should be looked into -- presumably in DETAIL; not just in a general way as Mr Kelly has done?
I have seen a reason quoted why this is not possible "as grade separated junctions are very expensive"
-- First what has expense got to do with potentially great danger to life if the access proposed is permitted when Countryside will be making Millions of pounds out of this scheme and the village will benefit not at all only be hugely detrimented by it.
-- Second - there is an huge amount of land on the frontage to the new A.428 -- so plenty of room to have both an "in" from the east and an "out" to the west with VERY long runs parallel to the A.428 -- this will enable people wanting to go east from this development either going out at Childerley Gate or going a short way west to turn at the main Cambourne roundabout?
-- Third three Inspectors have in the past said that NO TRAFFIC SHOULD BE ALLOWED FROM THESE DEVELOPMENTS ONTO THE BROADWAY we have attained that end (except for recent most unwelcome and unsafe builders' traffic) -- PLEASE do not go against those words now.