Draft Swavesey Village Design Guide SPD

Representation ID: 167864

Received: 09/06/2019

Respondent: Ms Hilary Ellis

Representation Summary:

Cambridgeshire LLFA welcome the consideration for sustainable drainage of surface water on new developments and rainwater recycling in the Village Design Guide SPD. It should further promote sustainable drainage techniques (SuDS).

Full text:

Cambridgeshire LLFA welcomes the promotion of the sustainable drainage techniques in the FVDG.

SuDS are an approach to managing the surface water run off which seeks to mimic natural drainage systems and retain water on or near the site as opposed to traditional drainage techniques which involve piping the water off the site asap.

SuDS offer significant advantage over conventional piped drainage system in reducing flood risk by attenuating the rate and quantity of surface water run off.

The variety of SuDS techniques available means that virtually any development should be able to include a scheme based around these principles.