Draft Gamlingay Village Design Guide SPD

Representation ID: 167780

Received: 30/05/2019

Respondent: Merton College

Agent: D H Barford & Co Limited

Representation Summary:

The reference to new development on the northern plots and the accompanying figures 50 and 51, although welcome, conflict with the Local Plan development limit policy and this needs to be resolved.

Full text:

Merton College owns Merton Farm, which is within the Church End long plots area. To the rear of Merton Farm on the north side of Church End are substantial agricultural buildings that are no longer required for the college's land holding and their redevelopment offers the opportunity for the enhancement of the area with more traditional proportioned replacement buildings that can improve the connection to the landscape and new pedestrian linkages, as encouraged in the guidance 8.3 and 8.4. This opportunity is to a degree reflected in figures 50 and 51 and is welcomed by the college.
However, a development along these lines will conflict with the adopted local plan as the plots behind Church End , including the substantial agricultural buildings rear of Merton Farm, are outside the Councils limit.

Although the College welcomes and supports the guidance and reference to the new development on the northern plots, the conflict with the local plan needs to be resolved.