Draft Bourn Airfield Supplementary Planning Document - June 2019

Representation ID: 167744

Received: 09/07/2019

Respondent: Mr Marc Zwierzanski

Representation Summary:


Inadequate access, direct A428 access needed

Full text:

Site access has not taken in to account the serious consequences of having only 2 access and egress routes. My main concern is the Childerley roundabout which will become the main route for traffic as well as commercial vehicle serving the industrial development. The A428 has been reduced to a single lane at Girton which creates a bottleneck and long quest can already be noted on most mornings heading towards Cambridge. A further 3500 homes will mean possibly 7000 cars and a large proportion will contribute to further congestion. The old A428 up to the roundabout was never intended to serve this number of vehicles and any traffic issues heading toward Cambridge will mean local villages become rat runs for traffic.