Draft Sawston Village Design Statement SPD

Representation ID: 167716

Received: 29/05/2019

Respondent: Cllr Brian Milnes

Representation Summary:

Advocating a High Street makeover

Full text:

I am in strong agreement with the aspirations to improve the public realm in the area of the High Street.
However, the guidance and what is allowable under Planning regulations are not necessarily sufficient to create a new and attractive High Street persona. An evolutionary scale of change is, for me, not ambitious enough.
I'd advocate a more radical make-over, retaining the accessibility and other criteria discussed.
There is a clearly defined area, in which I'd include the Greyhound and King's Head PHs to the former Queen's Head, which could be developed with a Shared Space / Pedestrian Priority street scene.
That would create a distinctive High Street that Guide eschews, whilst also fostering economic development and potential for more activities and events in the village centre.