4. Climate change, water and biodiversity

Infographic showing the main proposed measures within the Area Action Plan for tackling climate change, reducing water use and improving biodiversity.

Figure 12: Infographic showing the Area Action Plan's approach to climate, water and biodiversity

In May 2019, the UK government declared a climate emergency and set a target for carbon emissions in the UK to reduce to net zero by 2050. Both Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Councils also declared a climate emergency in 2019. Achieving net zero carbon requires us to rethink all aspects of planning and placemaking: not just how buildings are designed and constructed, but also siting development where it will be well served by public transport, cycling and walking, as well as renewable and low carbon energy.

Addressing the climate emergency is not just about carbon – it involves the sustainable use of all resources, and water is a particular local concern. Biodiversity is also a high priority, both at national and local level. The North East Cambridge Area Action Plan has been fundamentally shaped by the requirement for it to be a low-carbon, low-impact, biodiverse exemplar. This section sets out the policies that will ensure it minimises its negative impacts on the environment, and is resilient and adaptable to the changing climate over its lifetime.

Policies in this section:

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