3. A spatial framework for North East Cambridge

Figure 10: The Spatial Framework for the Area Action Plan

North East Cambridge is in various ownerships and will be developed over at least the next 20 years. Individual sites must be developed in line with the Area Action Plan's overall vision, to ensure the area will become an integrated whole.

This section sets out the spatial framework for the area and describes the key elements of this framework. It includes Policy 1: A comprehensive approach at North East Cambridge, which sets out how we will secure coordinated development across North East Cambridge.

Core elements of the Spatial Framework:

  • Improved accessibility into North East Cambridge from the surrounding communities by walking and cycling, creating new or improved routes to destinations such as Cambridge North Station.
  • A comprehensive green network which connects North Cambridge into the wider Fen countryside and key landscape features.
  • Four new centres, located at key walking and cycling intersections and the location of new schools.
  • A diverse range of land uses including residential, commercial, industrial, community, cultural and retail.
  • The protection, intensification and diversification of business and industrial floorspace within the existing employment areas.
  • Carefully planned higher density mixed use development and layout to optimise the Area Action Plan's location and good accessibility.

Figure 11: Proposed land uses within the Area Action Plan boundary

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