Draft North East Cambridge Area Action Plan

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Draft North East Cambridge Area Action Plan

Policy 17: Connecting to the wider network

Representation ID: 55824

Received: 03/10/2020

Respondent: British Horse Society

Representation Summary:

To improve the wider connectivity between North East Cambridge and adjoining areas including nearby villages, Cambridge city centre, employment and residential areas, and open spaces within the wider countryside and Rights of Way network development will be required to contribute to new and improved connections for non-motorised users, as shown on Figure 37. The following new and improved provision must be incorporated early in the design stages and layout of the development:

This refers to non motorised users but there is no reference whatsoever to equestrians. The British Horse Society has consulted and advised throughout the early stages of this project but its input and comments have been completely ignored. This is totally unacceptable. There is not one horse shown on Fig 37 despite a reference to provision for horse riders (with, of course, the usual caveat ‘where appropriate’) in connection with structures. These proposals fail to meet the requirements of the Equal Opportunities Act by excluding one group of NMU’s.


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