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Draft North East Cambridge Area Action Plan

Policy 17: Connecting to the wider network

Representation ID: 56033

Received: 05/10/2020

Respondent: Urban&Civic Ltd


Representation Summary:

Mere Way Sustainable Travel Link - U&C support the recognition in draft Policy 17 –
Connecting to the Wider Network – for the Mere Way link. This is an important route being
delivered by U&C as part of the Waterbeach New Town and it is vital that it is accommodated within
NEC and that the development proposals respond positively to the route. U&C are currently
progressing the detailed design of Mere Way for its implementation in accordance with the early
trigger on its outline permission. With this detailed design underway, it is essential that
ongoing work on the AAP takes into account the measures and design requirements of the
route through the western component of the AAP area. We recognise that the figures / plans
provided with the draft Regulation 18 AAP are diagrammatic, however, consider that there should be
full regard to the accurate alignment of Mere Way as it passes through NEC. This is significant
given the different ownerships at play and, whilst the route follows an existing Public Right of
Way in this location, some minor works will be required to upgrade the route. The Mere Way scheme
is understood to affect both the Cambridge Regional College ownership and the adjacent private
landowners and therefore this should be reflected on any plans showing the route for transparency.
U&C is happy to engage further on the details
f the route in this location to assist in it being accurately represented.


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