Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan Submission version

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Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan Submission version

Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan

Representation ID: 56586

Received: 20/04/2024

Respondent: Merton College

Agent: Brown & Co Barfords

Representation Summary:

It is considered the plan as currently drafted does not meet the basic conditions of being compliant with national policies and advice, and elements are not in conformity with the adopted development plan. Overall, this will frustrate the delivery of potentially sustainable developments and revisions to address the above points are necessary.
As explained in the accompanying representation letter the particular issues relate to paragraphs 1.8, 2.13, 4.24, 4.32, 4.77, 4.81, 4.82, 4.95, 4.96, 4.97 and Appendix 3.


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