4.8.11 Ecology

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Mill Road Depot Draft Planning and Development Brief SPD

Representation ID: 31153

Received: 15/07/2016

Respondent: Cambridgeshire County Council

Representation Summary:

4.8.11 to 4.8.20 The Mill Road Depot site could deliver a high quality strategic biodiversity 'hotspot' for the City connecting to a strong city-wide wildlife corridor (railway line) and therefore, we support the inclusion of ecology as part of the environmental considerations. A number of biodiversity features be secured as part of the fabric of the urban environment, such as biodiverse roofs (e.g. brown roofs) and bird / bat access points. Such 'artificial' refuges provide vital resources for urban species, such as Black Redstart, Swifts and invertebrates and would help to achieve a biodiverse 'hotspot' for the city.

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