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Mill Road Depot Draft Planning and Development Brief SPD

Representation ID: 31191

Received: 22/07/2016

Respondent: Cambridge GRT Solidarity Network

Representation Summary:

The draft SPD para 4.3.10 leaves resolution of access capacity and design issues to "any future site developer". This is inexcusable because the access, and the junction with Mill Road have to serve the whole of the site and all of its users.

The capacity and form of the access and junction, and hence the capacity of the site, are dependent on identifying and meeting all these needs. We remain completely unconvinced that this is possible for this site.

The Mott McDonald report claims that there will be a substantial reduction in vehicle movements by comparison with the current position. However this is an assessment drawn from a false assumption that; 'an increase in cycle and public transport would lead to a subsequent decrease in trips by car'.

These issues have to be resolved now, before the SPD is approved, because the nature of any redevelopment of the Depot site is totally dependent on the capacity of the site access.

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