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Mill Road Depot Draft Planning and Development Brief SPD

Representation ID: 30999

Received: 13/07/2016

Respondent: Mr Edward Leigh

Representation Summary:

Support - More consideration needs to be given to how the Chisholm Trail connects with Ainsworth St so as to provide a safe and direct route.

Full text:

Support - Particular attention needs to be given to the connection with Ainsworth St: this junction has very poor visibility. The proposed route for the Chisholm Trail will add a lot of new cycle traffic turning right into Ainsworth St. It would be far preferable to align the northern entrance/exit from the depot site with Ainsworth St so that cycle traffic in both directions has good visibility. Giving north-south traffic priority here (with give-way lines on Hooper St) could might also improve safety.

Failure to do this could mean that cyclists cut off the corner by diverting between the apartment blocks to join the pedestrian route, which does align with Ainsworth St.