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The New Museums Site Development Framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Representation ID: 30712

Received: 07/09/2015

Respondent: Cambridge Live

Representation Summary:

The Cambridge Corn Exchange (CCE) adjoins the New Museums Site and plays a vital function for both university and city. I propose either a 'Planning Obligation' to ensure a contribution towards its capital development costs (in order to better serve both town and gown) or, preferably, an active partnership between the NMS project team and the Cambridge Live team responsible for CCE to plan an ambitious programme of shared facilities and activities.

Full text:

A crucial element of the 'immediate public realm around the site' is the Cambridge Corn Exchange (CCE), which adjoins the site via a party wall. The CCE is a (arguably THE) major shared asset between 'town and gown', fulfilling vital functions for both the university (exams, conferences, meetings, etc.) and the cultural life of the city. Its huge potential to make an even greater contribution to both is constrained by its restricted footprint and limited technical facilities. I would propose either a 'Planning Obligation' aimed at securing a contribution towards the capital development of the CCE's fcailities so that it can better serve both its University and City 'constituencies' or (preferably) an active partnership with the CCE (and the Cambridge Live team resposible for its management) in developing an ambitious strategy of shared (and enhanced) facilities and programming.