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Waterbeach Neighbourhood Plan - Submission version

Representation ID: 168655

Received: 14/04/2021

Respondent: South Cambridgeshire District Council

Representation Summary:

Policy WAT 11 Public Realm improvements in the Village Heart –
• Would it be helpful in the supporting text to briefly describe each of the public realm areas from 1-5 shown on Map 6.8 and then refer to each in turn in the policy? It may help to include a photograph showing each area too. Area 1 appears not to be included in the policy?

• It would help the future users of the Plan if Map 6.8 was annotated to show particular features such as where the existing bus stop is on Greenside; where it would be helpful to have resident access only and where the public house is located.

• In paragraph 6.11.4 reference is made to the Community Aspiration Chapter (chapter 7) – this is now chapter 8.