Greater Cambridge Local Plan: Sustainability Appraisal of Issues and Options

Representation ID: 47300

Received: 24/02/2020

Respondent: Mr . Wookey

Representation Summary:

Elevate low-emissions in new buildings above numbers of buildings and build cost. We must take a long-term view which minimises emissions as well as costs.

Full text:

The housing section is all about building more houses. This is significant but the most important thing is to reduce emissions from housing. That means that all new building (domestic and commercial/industrial) _must_ be passivehouse grade so we are not adding to our already-huge problem of emissions from heating. heating uses twice the energy of the entire electricity grid and has barely been decarbonised at all. We must immediately stop making that problem worse whilst _also_ addressing the existing building stock, which is difficult and expensive. It's very easy to make all new buildings passivehouse and this _saves_ money over the buildings lifetimes.