Histon & Impington Neighbourhood Plan - Submission consultation

Representation ID: 167943

Received: 29/07/2019

Respondent: South Cambridgeshire District Council

Representation Summary:

Policy HIM05 Parking Provision for cars and cycles

a)Need to clearly define "restricted street"

b)Conflict of interest with encouraging more parking in commercial core and this policy which restricts it

c)Map to show restricted streets?

d)Plan refers to Figure 11 in Local Plan - should be Figure 12.

e)Concerns about requirement for all new development (including change of use) to provide parking within their curtilage. Placing severe restrictions on ability for new commercial business uses (including retail) to operate in commercial core.

f)Concerns about garage dimensions.

g)Dimensions for garage smaller than those in Local Plan Policy TI/3.

h)How to determine whether space was for a car or van?

i)Latent demand for publicly accessible charging points for electric vehicles?

j)Alternative cycle stands to Sheffield or Rounded A stand?

k)Fourth bullet point in cycle section 'Covered, fit for purpose and attractive'. Ambiguous.

l)Evidence for additional cycle provision for different activities and classes as provided in table 3?